A holistic approach is also taken with all of our slumber party guests. We have created a relaxing non confrontational style setting. Each and every one of the slumber party guests gets their very own room, not a crate… a ROOM. If you have more than one guest staying with us and wish them to reside together that can be accommodated as well!

We have both indoor only and indoor/outdoor suites available. The rooms all have actual doors on them with the bottoms being solid on purpose. It can be very stressful for dogs to be looking across an isle at each other. With the privacy of the solid bottom to the doors this eliminates the problem allowing for a much calmer atmosphere all around. The guests will be taken out and walked/played with/or allowed to run in the play areas every 2 hours. The indoor/outdoor suites allow for the dogs to come in and out as they please during working hours. They will be securely locked inside overnight for their own protection. They will also be kept inside during freezing weather and taken out throughout the day for a good stretch.

Please bring food, blanket (bedding), and toy for your pet.

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