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You will hear a great deal about no “crate” daycare, where your dog gets to run and play for the entire day. Well that’s all well and good, however, much like children they actually need breaks or “nap time”. In the group setting most all dogs will get along and play for 3 to 4 hours, past that point they can begin to get cranky. We here at HoliDog Inn believe the situation can be avoided by being proactive.


A holistic approach is also taken with all of our slumber party guests. We have created a relaxing non confrontational style setting. Each and every one of the slumber party guests gets their very own room, not a crate a room.


Holistic Grooming can mean different things to different people. For us here at HoliDog Inn, it means everything. Though we will always strive to make our human clients happy…it is not always what is best for our four legged family member. Our goal is to first and foremost make our four legged friends comfortable and happy. This all begins from the moment you arrive with your furry family member.


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