About Us

We feel that the Holistic approach is the only way to go. All aspects of HoliDog Inn Room and Groom will be run with that in mind. It is all about the dog and the experience they get.

We love each and every dog we work with, just as if they were our own family member. We treat our own dogs as if they were our children, and your dogs deserves the same. If they aren’t happy and having a good time, then we aren’t happy!


Meet the Owners,

Clifford and Stephanie, though are not native Shawnee folks got here as quick as they could. They have been involved with dogs in one way or another for almost 25 years. They have owned their own breeding kennel from which they showed their dogs in the conformation ring, have competed in obedience, taught competition style obedience including to the local 4-H chapter. Stephanie has been grooming for as many years.

After they decided to leave the competition world behind, Stephanie began grooming for the general public. She brings with her years of show grooming experience, which gives her a bit of a different perspective than to groomers fresh out of grooming school. Stephanie believes very strongly that the bottom line is, it’s all about the dog. Stephanie is Shawnee’s 1st holistic groomer. She is dedicated in her style of grooming even though she cannot do as many dogs in a day as some other shops do. This allows her to have hands on from beginning to end with each and every one of her 4 legged clients. She receives the dogs personally and delivers them personally to their owners. She expects the same out of all her groomers. There are minimal dogs in the grooming salon because the schedule is designed for the groomers to begin on your dog at it’s scheduled appointment time. This eliminates almost all required crate time. Crates are used in the grooming salon for safety reasons only, NOT for drying! Every effort is made to call the owner so that they arrive around the same time the groom is complete, again eliminating further crate time. Dogs are not allowed to walk around in the grooming salon because it creates a stressful environment for the dog on the table, because they can’t get down and run around as well. Holistic grooming is all about the experience the dog has while being groomed. Negative attitudes and rough handling of a dog is simply not tolerated!

If a groomer has a bad attitude, they are going to get bad attitude right back from the dog, its common sense really. Stephanie will tell you up front, they may not be perfectly straight on their first groom if they have ever been hurt during a grooming, but they will leave happy. Forcing a perfect haircut, is just not worth it. Once they begin to realize that when they come to her or her groomers, that they are not going to be harmed….its like a little miracle happens….they begin to like being pampered!

Clifford and Stephanie both share a deep passion for dogs. They have a Toy Poodle named Gucci, Standard Schnauzer named Dooney, and a Miniature Schnauzer named Coach, that have taken over as their children. They believe that dogs much like children would much prefer to be with others and allowed to run and play through out the day when ever possible. They believe that when owners have to leave them to go out of town that they should be pampered just as if they were still at home. This is how they came to combine Stephanie’s love for dogs and grooming into an all in one boutique style establishment for grooming, boarding and daycare.


Stephanie Burnside

I have been very blessed to be able to turn my passion for dogs into a career. I don’t really remember a time in my life clear back to childhood that I wasn’t grooming some sort of animal. Dogs have always been on that list however!

We were raised with the mindset that our animals should be treated with respect as even though they can’t speak and may not show love to each other the way we humans do; doesn’t mean they don’t feel. If you have ever seen a dog struck and watch it cower and don’t believe it hurt both physically and mentally then you truly don’t understand animals of any kind. We took the time to domesticate our canine friends. We brought them into our lives and our homes. They are no longer capable of caring for and surviving on their own. They are as helpless as a newborn baby and should be treated with the same love, compassion and kindness that we give a baby. They are one hundred percent dependent upon us to live happy healthy lives.

Grooming is a part of that responsibility and being groomed should not be a traumatic experience. I believe that a kind hand and voice will take you miles further than forcefully doing something. Sometimes a firm voice is needed, but in no way do I feel that flat out excessive force should be used. A hair cut is not that important. Sometimes it takes several visits to get it all right as the dog learns to trust that we are not here to hurt them.

Kylie Amos

A bit about me, Kylie Amos, I’ve had a passion for dogs my entire life; for as long as I can remember I’ve always known that I wanted to work with dogs.

I attended Animal Behavior College to get my start in the grooming industry. I am now a certified pet groomer and have been for grooming since 2013. I recently moved to Shawnee from Talequah , where I worked for Pet Sense for 6 years. While working at Pet Sense, I gained my confidence and became the groomer I am today. I was awarded “Top Groomer” for 3 consecutive years and was also nominated for “Best of Talequah “for pet groomer in 2017 and 2018.

Pet grooming is something I never saw myself doing, but now I don’t see myself doing anything else. I love my job and enjoy making dogs look and feel their best.

Chrissy Stelzer

Hi My name is Chrissie Stelzer, I was born in Shawnee Oklahoma and moved to Maud my freshman Year of high school.

After Graduating all I thought I wanted to do was hair, I started Barber College and soon after started as reception for Holidog Inn where I found my true passion … Grooming Dogs!

Cassidy Watson

Hi My name is Cassidy Watson, I grew up in Maud Oklahoma. I graduated in 2019 and started working at HoliDog Inn in May as a groomer and enjoy every day of it.

I love animals and helping them, it’s a very uplifting job.