Daycare/Day Boarding

You will hear a great deal about no “crate” daycare, where your dog gets to run and play for the entire day. Well that’s all well and good, however, much like children they actually need breaks or “nap time”. In the group setting most all dogs will get along and play for 3 to 4 hours, past that point they can begin to get cranky. We here at HoliDog Inn believe the situation can be avoided by being proactive. Get a routine down with them from the get go of “nap time”. Everyone gets a bit of quiet time to truly rest and sleep. Everyone stays in a much better mood and yet still get plenty of exercise and play time to be worn out by the time they are ready to go home and spend a pleasant evening at home with their families.

The difference between Daycare and Day Boarding is this. Day boarding is for those few that just do not do well in a group play environment, yet need one on one interaction and play. Day boarding pets will be housed in one of our boarding suites and taken out and played with and exercised. They will get one on one with a staff member multiple times a day.

Daycare gives your pet lots and lots of group play and interaction throughout the day to romp and play with others of similar size and age. The added bonus of daycare is it comes with basic obedience training built in. We have designated areas for puppies, adult and senior dogs. We feel that puppies are just way to energetic for the senior dogs, and just too young to handle the rough and rowdy play of adult dogs. So by separating them into groups of age and size everyone gets to have a great day at daycare.

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