Holistic Grooming can mean different things to different people. For us here at HoliDog Inn, it means everything. Though we will always strive to make our human clients happy…it is not always what is best for our four legged family member. Our goal is to first and foremost make our four legged friends comfortable and happy. This all begins from the moment you arrive with your furry family member. You will be greeted by the groomer that is going to be grooming your dog, or Stephanie Shawnee’s original Holistic Groomer and owner. We do this so that what is being requested can be delivered one to one directly with the groomer so there is no confusion on what you are wanting. We start with your dog at your appointed scheduled time if at all possible. That being said that means we require you to be on time to your appointment. This way we can remain on schedule so that the client after you gets the immediate attention they also deserve. However, on occasion a dog may come in to see us in an unexpected condition that would require their appointment time to run long. In most situations, it is not more than 30 min. We make every effort to ensure this does not happen, but it can happen from time to time.

You will be informed at the time of drop off if there will be any delay in beginning work on your pet. We will call you when we are about 10 min from completion so that you are already on your way further reducing any possible time they may have to be in a crate.

Holistic grooming is an overall experience, including all natural made in America products. It’s about one person handling your little one from start to finish. It’s about hydrotherapy baths and conditioning hand blow drying, never ever being put in a crate dryer. It’s about not having the dogs stacked up on top of each other trying to get 15 done in a day. It’s about being sure that the nails are done EVERY time, along with the ears, glands and pads of their feet. In an environment that is calming and relaxing for them. They get full body massages allowing us to have our hands on every inch of their bodies, which allows them to build trust in their groomer as well as us being able to feel tumors, cysts’ or even black heads that need to be cleaned etc.

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